Décor Sonore

The Sound Factory

The Project

La Fabrique Sonore (the Sound Factory) is first an answer to a lack of know-how and material means in the field of sound creation, especially in the street arts.

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Circulate ideas, information, experiences, share state-of-the-art tools to support the boldest ideas, always approaching excellence : these are the objectives of the Fabrique Sonore companionships.

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Education & research

Listening to the world differently and becoming aware of the issues in a new “sound ecology” are ideas that we approach in close proximity with the public.

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Acoustic ecology

"Where musics divide us, sound brings us together " Michel Risse

None among us, whether they be rich or poor, illiterate or learned, young or old, can break away from their sound environment. While each social group has its favorite music, which it can recognize, comment upon, or sometimes play and while the "other's music" is an undesirable "noise" which is sometimes cast away, even hatefully, the sound environment is a collective world, an invisible but indisputable one perceived by all.

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Manifesto for Sound Art in Open Space

Open space, despite and thanks to its sound pollution, seems to be the place that is most conducive to the invention of a new sound art. Taking space into account as the work's parameter and giving importance to the listening context open a field of innovation which has barely been explored.

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