Décor Sonore

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The Cloudspeakers

Gardening the soundscape...

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The Kaleidophones

A collection of giant sculptures set in the open space, raising public awareness of the soundscape and urging the passer-by to listen to the world.

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The Cinematophone


An electro-lyrical marching band for a diva and eight “sound bodies”

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Without a word, all of a sudden, a moving five-person crew enters into the soundscape. These explorers play, live and on-site, with the technology, sounds, objects, and people they encounter.

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Les Chantiers de L’O.R.E.I.

The Work Sites of the O.R.E.I.
In an atmosphere of marvelous science and sound poetry, researchers show around their archeophonic excavation site.

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Instrument Monument

2003-2004 CREATION
Intended to develop the potentialities of all kinds of places all over the world, over a period of several years, our Instrument|Monument Programme transforms monuments and other artistic and architectural works into as many giant musical intruments and scenographic objects.


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Les Collections du Don du Son

The Sound Donation Organization's Collections
In 2006 was created the "Don du Son" (the Sound Donation Organization), a non-governmental organization supported by the European Ministry for the Sound  Environment, whose goal was to contribute to the sharing and the improvement of the sound environment, by appealing to the generosity of the population in order to establish a large Sound Bank. Today, "Les Collections du Don du Son" (the Sound Donation Organization's Collections) invite you to discover this vast variety of collected objects and sound testimonies.

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Les Monstrations Inouïes

The Monstrations never heard of before
Between a concert-conference, cabinet of curiosities, museographic installation and  fairground in and out stands “Les Monstrations Inouïes !” stage and play the most astonishing instruments in the history of the electronic music, since its beginnings.

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