Décor Sonore

Tuning the city

Let’s go out ! Let’s walk together through a great modern capital, with the ear more attentive than the eye, and we will vary the pleasures of our sensibilities by distinguishing among the gurglings of water, air and gas inside metallic pipes, the rumblings and rattlings of engines breathing with obvious animal spirits, the rising and falling of pistons, the stridency of mechanical saws, the loud jumping of trolleys on their rails, the snapping of whips, the whipping of flags. We will have fun imagining our orchestration of department stores’ sliding doors, the hubbub of the crowds, the different roars of railroad stations, iron foundries, textile mills, printing houses, power plants and subways.
Luigi Russolo, The art of noises (1913)

Urbaphonix gets its inspiration from its very context, which implies an art form that is fundamentally alive, an experience in constant renewal. No two performances are alike. More than that, each performance can only find meaning and be possible in the specific place where it unfolds.

Each Urbaphonix stroll brings the audience into an instant micro-symphony, a sonic journey punctuated by discoveries great and small, by moving or comic encounters with places and people.

It is a voyage, a visit, a walking concert, made possible by an innovative and entirely free-standing technical system: with no wires or plugs, the high quality sound and mobile broadcasting system makes it possible to capture, reveal, and mix the never before heard sounds of the city. Thus, what was once reserved only to studio manipulation, “in vitro,” now opens itself up to the street, “in vivo,” capturing and surprising the public in the course of daily life.