Décor Sonore

The sound system

The specific sound system is developed by the company in collaboration with research laboratories in acoustics, audiophiles and experts in sound amplification.

The idea is to get an « audiophile », uncompromised sound quality through a system which is not intended to reproduce, but to produce a sound imaging, in unusual and unpredictable acoustic and atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, usual « high-tech » and today professional equipments are very heavy and power gluttonous, which make them unusable for our purpose. So we decided to research and develop an innovative new concept.
The contradiction between electro-acoustic state-of-the-art high standards and the necessary sturdiness stressed by a self-powered use in public space is maybe only apparent. Surprisingly, a lot of audiophile solutions meet our specifications : for instance, the current quality is a obsession for audiophiles, who clearly hear differences in AC polarity and frequently prefer feeding amplifiers with DC current. Also, light, fast and high sensitivity speakers, using low power amplifiers with low power consumption are generally preferred. These qualities are precisely what we are looking for our mobile system :
- clean, no-plug power for completely mobile use
- maximum efficiency and low energy consumption
- very high fidelity, live sound and dynamics, especially in transients reproduction