Décor Sonore

The portable models


The Kaleidophones are mammoth artefacts imbedded in the city to symbolize the perception of its sounds, thus creating an “installation” in the sense used in modern art: an ensemble, a universe in itself, through which the onlooker can walk, live, experience, and here, above all, listen.

For this purpose, the installation is prolonged by a set of listening devices which the visitors are to carry both inside it and far beyond, right into the city, thus becoming part of it as characters and actors.

Each device is unique, endowed with its own personality and its distinctive acoustic features. Whether odd or endearing, retro-futurist or barely technological, each of them contains the kaleidophonic universe and conveys the poetic concept of a perpetual, global composition of which we are both the listeners and the authors.

Constructors :
Amora Doris
Chloé Bucas
Christophe Evette / Maurizio Moretti
Students of the Lycée Jean Mermoz in Bourges