Décor Sonore

Listening to the real world

Perceiving the real world in real time, something we tend to do less and less.

All the pictures and sounds we take in nowadays seem to reach us from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, with their infinite possibilities to be stored away and replayed at will, so that we gradually lose our ability to pay attention and care about what and whom surrounds us in the present time. Newsreels, TV shows, video games, videos captured by smartphones and viewed later on the internet, music tracks copied and trotted out endlessly… de-located, pre-recorded, downloadable the real world is slowly fading behind a digitally commanded universe.

This installation offers a large, open-air, free-access exhibition, meant to help us get re-connected to the real-life, present moment. The staging of its giant receivers clearly conveys the idea that a territory best reveals itself by listening to it, and the visitors, in turn, recover their own feeling of belonging, of “being there”. Many happenings take place among the installations: guided tours, sound performances, music, secrets confided by the soundscape…

The installation arouses our awareness of the soundscape as a hitherto largely unperceived, badly shared common good, in which we resign ourselves to be purely passive spectators or even victims. While on the contrary, every one of us can become an author and an actor of this common good.

Moreover, this remarkable installation works without any power supply, and is totally interactive: all of its mechanical parts are within the reach of the visitors, who can thus direct their listening as they see fit. The very notion of “progress” is given a new approach: no smartphones, no GPS systems, no digital art, no high technology… no electricity!

Beyond art itself, beyond the aesthetic and acoustic research put into the design of those devices, and even beyond the findings and revelations they bring about, is the essential sensation of the present reality and time, rediscovered and shared.