Décor Sonore

The Cloudspeakers

New production for public spaces.


The Cloudspeakers (Le Son qui vient du Ciel)

A site-specific sound installation

'The Cloudspeakersliterally propagate a rumour in the city : the urban space becomes inhabited by elusive sounds which seem to flee through streets and squares, emerge from facades, merge and disappear into the existing soundscape. Played through very high (c)loudspeakers (installed on tower or crane), the sound creation is always site specific, composed from field recordings, with the participation of the residents and local partners.

Residency schedule and public experimentations in 2019:

- March 18th-22nd: sound creation in studio at the GMEM (Marseille)

- March 27th-April 5th: experimentations on site at CNAREP Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne (Encausse-les-Thermes)

- May 6th-22nd: experimentations with the students and teachers of the Conservatory of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve

- July 29th-August 3rd: public experimentations at Le 6B (Saint-Denis)

- September 9th-22nd: public experimentations at Festival Cergy, Soit !

- November 11th-17th: public experimentations in Paris 19th district with Art'R

And in 2020:

- January 24th - February 7th: public experimentations at Sorbonne Université with the Week of Sound, the International Year of Sound 2020 and NEXO (Paris 5th district)

- March 16th-22nd: sound design and composition at LE CENTQUATRE - Paris (to be rescheduled)

> Pictures of the previous residencies



Artistic Director: Michel Risse
Production Manager: Renaud Biri
Sound catchers: Julien Pillet and Marie-Lys Polchlopeck
Video: Vincent Muteau
IT development: Grégory Joubert
Artistic collaborations: Ema Drouin and Mark Etc
Executive Production: Léa Granados
Booking, Marketing & Social Media: Camille Cheminet
Graphic creation: batphil


This project has received the support of : CNAREP Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne, CNAREP Les Ateliers Frappaz, Festival Cergy, Soit !, Communauté de Communes de Cergy-Pontoise, CRR d'Aubervilliers-La Courneuve, GMEM - CNCM de Marseille, Le 6B, Art'R - Lieu de fabrique itinérant pour les arts de la rue à Paris, la Semaine du Son, International Year of Sound 2020, Sorbonne Université, NEXO and Immobilière 3F.

With financial help from the Paris Region, the French Ministry of Culture and the CNC.


Intentions and creation process

The Cloudspeakers is a work on soundscape. Most of the time city noises are lived and suffered as a pollution. Here, they are considered as a sort of compost on which the composer acts like an acoustic gardener. In other words, it's about introducing new sonic species, inventing acoustic landmarks, creating key notes and convergence lines instead of trying to mask the city vibrations by other sounds or claiming to reduce it to silence.