Décor Sonore

Where to see our newest creation THE KALEIDOPHONES in 2017

Published the 05/05/2017

> What are the Kaleidophones ?
> Tour dates in 2017


The Kaléidophones - A collection of giant sculptures set in the open space, raising public awareness of the soundscape and urging the passer-by to listen to the world.

Décor Sonore's newest experience is all about forgetting the noises’ origins, losing track of time and sense of direction, and "slow-listening” to the soundscape...

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  • Festival Les Turbulentes - Vieux-Condé (59, FR) - Sat. 29th & Sun. 30th April 
  • Festival De Jour de Nuit - Domaine de Chamarande (91, FR) - Dimanche 28 mai
  • Les Dimanches de Blandy - Château de Blandy-les-Tours (77, FR) - Sat. 3rd, Sun. 4th & Mon. 5th June
  • Festival Jour de Cher - Bléré (37, FR) - Sat.15th July
  • Festival La Strada - Graz (AUSTRIA) - From Sat. 29th to Mon. 31st July (to be confirmed)
  • Festival FARSe - Strasbourg (68, FR) - Fri. 11th & Sat. 12th August
  • Découvre ton Ile - Ile de Raymond, Rioms (33, FR) - Sat. 16th & Sun. 17th September
  • Moulin Fondu, National Centre for Street Arts (93, FR) - Fri. 13th to Sun. 15th October (to be confirmed)
  • Art'R (Paris, FR) - Fri. 20th to Sun. 22th October