Décor Sonore

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Published the 10/02/2021

In 2021, Décor Sonore will be performing in France and Europe. 

Find out about the schedule!

  • BORDERLINERS (listening walks), March 13-14, Aubervilliers (Paris Region)
  • LES COLLECTIONS DU DON DU SON, April 11, Bièvre (Paris Region)
  • THE CLOUDSPEAKERS, project 'Territoires du 9.2' in the Paris Region, throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn (dates to come)
  • THE KALEIDOPHONES, May 22-24, Buding (East of France) - TBC
  • URBAPHONIX, July 8-9, Vilnius (Lithuania) - TBC
  • UNDERSCORE (new project!), September 18-19, Cachan (Paris Region)

... and more to come. Stay tuned!