Décor Sonore

2011 : Black pavilion

Published the 26/04/2011

This year, more than ever before, to listen is to create, to create is to resist.
Resist all kinds of formatting, leave old habits behind us, discard any form of mass culture and academicism, weigh anchors, sail to the open sea, conquer new territories by storm.
Let us open the hatches, and prick up the black pavilion of a mutinear !


Urbaphonix – Mobile laboratory of urban explorations, in creation.

Residences and experimentations at Moulin Fondu (National Street Arts Centre in Noisy-le-Sec), at L’Abattoir (NSAC in Chalon-sur-Saône), CCAS Center (Caisse centrale d’activités sociales du personnel des industries électrique et gazière), La Paperie (NSAC in Saint-Barthélemy d’Anjou), 2r2c (Paris).


Les Collections du Don du Son – On tour.

CCAS tour from March 7th until 12nd, 2011 and in Paris for Et20l'été on June 23rd and 24th, 2011.


Jakominiplatz : Sharawadji Effect – contextual installation.

Creation of a “Sharawadji Garden” for La Strada festival (Graz, Austria), day and night from July 29th until August 6th.

With the artistic collaboration of Jeanne Simone company and Ici-même (Paris), the programmed companies, and the tramways company.


The Organization of Research in Invisible Environments

The paleophonic work sites (on tour)


Artistic residence at University UPMC 2011-2013 UPMC University

For the next three years, Decor Sonore will initiate students to the acoustic ecology and to the acoustic art in open spaces, will question and collaborate with laboratories, will reveal the UPMC campus (Paris 6).


As part of this résidence :
Contextual and musical creation at the University’s campus, September 16th and 17th, 2011.

Les Monstrations Inouïes !
Rerun of the “concert-conference staging and playing the most astonishing instruments in the history of the electronic music, since its beginnings”, November 22nd, 2011 in the Réfectoire des Cordeliers, Paris.


The sound factory

Artists’ projects or companies will be accompanied for the sound dramaturgy, show's sound concept, to define technical needs, to experiment : Les Commandos Percu, Annibal et ses éléphants, La Tribu/Collectif Poussières, Bazar Palace…


Join the mutiny all year round on www.decorsonore.org


 [Illustration by BatPhil with the authorization of radio Helsinki ]