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Published the 22/05/2023

Find out when to catch our performances in the Paris region this Summer!

In 2023: listen slowly!

Published the 12/05/2023

Street Performing Arts Summer Academy in Catalonia

Published the 01/08/2022

> September 5 & 6

> Workshop "Performing within the soundscape"

> At SPASA (Street Performing Arts Summer Academy in Tarrega & Cervera, Catalonia)

> Registration and info: https://en.spasa.cat/

Rumors on Manhattan

Published the 02/05/2022

> Sound diary of our NYC residency

> May 2 - 22

> With Villa Albertine, NYC

International residency: gardening New York City’s soundscape

Published the 28/10/2021

> Michel Risse is invited to New York City by Villa Albertine, a new French institution for arts and ideas in the USA
> Pre-visit in November 2021
> Residency in May 2022

UNHEARD LANDSCAPES - International Symposium in Blois

Published the 27/10/2021

> Organized by FKL, CRESSON and the School of Nature and Lanscape in Blois
> October 27th - 30th 2021
> Michel Risse will be presenting THE CLOUDSPEAKERS

THE KALEIDOPHONES in Buding (East of France)

Published the 13/08/2021

> September 11th and 12th
> Festival Moselle Ecologie
> Only 30 minutes from the German and Luxembourgish borders


Published the 20/05/2021

> SPOT Festival
> July 8 & 9 2021
> Watch the pictures of the performances!
> With Arts Printing House, Vilnius

Summer 2021: catch our performances

Published the 10/02/2021

In the Summer 2021, Décor Sonore will be performing in France and Europe. 

Find out about the schedule!

Sorry for the silence

Published the 10/02/2021

Usually, we apologize for the noise (when we're polite) – except during celebrations (when everybody gets together to make noise).

The Great Lockdown of 2020 revealed to the entire World a soundscape never heard before. As if the everlasting surge of the major noise had receded, uncovering a vast beach of minor, rare, forgotten sounds. And everywhere on the planet amazed ears got together in a collective listening transformed by the shutdown of the machines. Then the machines started again. But the artists did not, or hardly.

So, sorry for the silence.

But again this year, we will do everything to thwart the restrictions and play silences made more beautiful by the most beautiful noises!


Published the 08/02/2021

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, THE CLOUDSPEAKERS (Le Son qui vient du Ciel) premiered in October 2020.

> Presentation video


Published the 15/10/2020

> October 19 - 25
> In Cierp-Gaud (French Pyrenees)
> With Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne

THE KALEIDOPHONES in Marseille and Paris

Published the 10/10/2020

In 2020, THE KALEIDOPHONES were presented in Marseille in September and at Paris 'Nuit Blanche' in October.

> Watch the photo album

> More about The Kaleidophones

THE KALEIDOPHONES in Marseille and Paris

Published the 04/09/2020

> Marseille, September 5-6
> Paris Nuit Blanche, October 3

Performances schedule 2020

Published the 07/08/2020

Find out where to catch our outdoor shows in France during these very peculiar Summer and Fall.


Published the 03/03/2020

To be premiered in 2020!

> Watch the presentation video (English subtitles)

> Read, listen and watch all about the artistic process

COAL WAVE (Instrument|Monument)

Published the 02/09/2019

Watch the pictures of the monumental site-specific production COAL WAVE (June 2019, Oignies, North of France).

> Photo album

> More about our program INSTRUMENT|MONUMENT

Summer tour 2019

Published the 28/05/2019

Find out where to catch our shows over France and Europe this summer !

The Cinematophone returns!

Published the 08/02/2018

- Electrolyrical marching band, for a diva and 8 "sound bodies"
- Reactivation of the 1994 Décor Sonore/Oposito co-creation

- Premieres on May 19 & 20th 2018 - Les Rencontres d'Ici et d'Ailleurs festival (FR)

The Kaleidophones’ presentation video is now online !

Published the 08/02/2018

Watch the video here

Pictures of Urbaphonix in Copenhagen (DEN) for Metropolis Festival 2017

Published the 15/06/2017

> 9 performances on June 21st, 23rd & 25th 2017

New creation by Michel Risse & Koffi Kwahulé at the Avignon Festival 2017

Published the 15/06/2017

Ezekiel and the sounds of shadow
> From July 8th to 14th in Avignon (FR - 84)
> A-program of the "Sujets à Vif" 2017

Michel Risse to present a new creation at Avignon Festival (official programmation)

Published the 05/05/2017

> July 8th > 14th, Avignon Festival 
> Co-creation with playwright Koffi Kwahulé
> Coproduction SACD / Avignon Festival / Décor Sonore

Urbaphonix keeps exploring the cities’ soundscapes in 2017…

Published the 05/05/2017

> Tour dates 2017 in France, Germany, Denmark, Spain...

Where to see our newest creation THE KALEIDOPHONES in 2017

Published the 05/05/2017

> What are the Kaleidophones ?
> Tour dates in 2017


Published the 04/01/2017

Urbaphonix : footage of a whole performance in Guanajuato, Mexico

Published the 03/12/2016

> Filmed on October 6th 2016
> As part of the Festival international Cervantino

The Kaleidophones : new creation 2016

Published the 04/07/2016

> What are The Kaleidophones ? More here !!

The Kaleidophones at Chalon Festival 2016

Published the 04/07/2016

> Chalon dans la Rue Festival
> 21st to 24th July 2016
> Chalon-sur-Saone (71, FR)

Pictures of Urbaphonix’ Chinese tour

Published the 03/07/2016

> May 1st - 8th 2016
> During the Croisements Festival
> Cities of de Wuhan, Changsha & Chongqing

Urbaphonix in China for Croisements Festival

Published the 22/04/2016

> Croisements Festival
> May 1st - 8th
> Cities of Wuhan, Changsha & Chongqing - China

“Camera Sonora” closed the “Nuits Romanes” festival - Sat. 5th September, Melle (France)

Published the 24/08/2015

> A new creation by companies Décor Sonore & KompleX Kapharnaüm
> Saturday September 5th, 9.30 pm
> Saint-Hilaire church, Melle (Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes, FR)
> Closing night of the Festival des Nuits Romane

Know more about URBAPHONIX

Published the 15/01/2015

"If a sound disturbs you, listen to it !" - John Cage.
Five ‘Street-Jockeys’ create an impromptu concert from the sounds of the city and streets, played and amplified live.



Urbaphonix in Frankfurt & Darmstadt (Germany) - 26 & 27th February

Published the 15/01/2015

> Starke Stücke Festival
> Frankfurt (Theaterhaus) : Thursday 26th February at 11am & 6pm
> Darmstadt (Centralstation) : Friday 27th February at 2pm


Published the 14/01/2015

"Every day, without knowing it, we come across secret, yet unheard-of music instruments, waiting only for musicians and appropriate technical means to be revealed.» - Michel Risse.
Each Instrument|Monument performance is a spectacular site-specific creation, inspired by the site’s own resonance, scenographic possibilities, and memory.



Other shows on tour

Published the 13/01/2015

> Les Collections du Don du Son / The Sound Donation's Collections : +

> Les Chantiers de l'O.R.E.I. / The Work Sites of the O.R.E.I. : +

> Les Monstrations Inouïes / The never-heard-before Monstrations : +

Urbaphonix - Aurillac Festival [Official Programming] - From August 21st until 23rd

Published the 05/05/2013

From August, Wednesday 21st until Friday 23rd
2 performances per day
Hours: at 9.30am and 5pm
Starting point: 1 rue d'Illzach, 15000 Aurillac, France

Urbaphonix - Les Préalables d’Aurillac

Published the 02/05/2013

August, Wedesnday 14th, Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Sunday 18th, Monday 19th.

Urbaphonix - La Strada festival in Graz (Austria) from July 27th until 31st

Published the 25/04/2013

July, Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th and Monday 29th in GRAZ.

July, Thursday 30th in WEIZ.

July, Wednesday 31st in STAINZ.

Urbaphonix - La Passerelle Theater’s festival “Tous dehors !” (Gap, France) - May 31st and June 1st

Published the 03/04/2013

May, Friday 31st 2013
Hour: 5.30pm
Meeting point: Place Jean-Marcellin - 05 000 Gap (France)

May, Saturday 1st 2013
2 performances
Hours: 10am and 3.30pm
Meeting point: Place Jean-Marcellin - 05 000 Gap (France

“Music and ecologies of sound” International Symposium - Université Paris 8 - May 2013

Published the 02/04/2013

International Symposium "Music and ecologies of sound - Theoretical and practical projects for a listening of the world", from May 27th until 30th.

Happy New Year 2013 !

Published the 01/01/2013

In 2012...
We have celebrated the hundredth anniversary of John Cage's birth

Urbaphonix - French tour in CCAS centers

Published the 20/08/2012

Urbaphonix on tour in CCAS centers - Organism for the social activities of the electricity and gaz industry staff - from August 24th until September 1st, 2012.

Urbaphonix in Brest - August, Thursday 16th

Published the 05/08/2012

After Chalon dans la Rue festival, Decor Sonore invites you to discover its brand new creation Urbaphonix, in partnership with Le Fourneau (Brest - France) during "Jeudis du Port festival".

Urbaphonix - Chalon dans la Rue Festival

Published the 10/07/2012

Decor Sonore invites you to discover its brand-new creation, during "Chalon dans la rue" festival [official programming] from July 19th until 22nd.

Creation 2012 “Urbaphonix” - First interventions

Published the 05/04/2012

First urban experiments of the Musique concrète mobile quintet !

Urbaphonix in residence in Paris with “Le Temps des Rues”

Published the 20/03/2012

Michel Risse's new creation is in residence in Paris from March 20th until 24th with "Le Temps des Rues".

Urbaphonix - French tour in CCAS centers

Published the 13/02/2012

Urbaphonix on tour in CCAS centers - Organism for the social activities of the electricity and gaz industry staff - from February 17th until 23rd, 2012.

Les Collections du Don du Son in Paris during the Week of Sound, Tuesday 17th January

Published the 16/01/2012

The team from "Don du Son" settles in Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris), on Tuesday 17th January 2012, to show you the exceptional collection of objects and sound testimonies.

Happy new ears !

Published the 01/01/2012

"If a sound disturbs you, listen to it"
John Cage

Décor Sonore moves into “La Villa Mais d’Ici”, in Aubervilliers

Published the 24/10/2011

Décor Sonore and la Fabrique Sonore moves into "la Villa Mais d'Ici" in Aubervilliers !

Campus sonoris : Instrument|Monument in Jussieu’s campus - Paris

Published the 16/09/2011

For the lauching of his artistic residence 2011-2013 at UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris), and for the European Heritage Days on September 16th and 17th, Michel Risse and Decor Sonore turns the University into a theater of a very unique experience, during the time of a spectacular architecture concert which could and shall never be heard anywhere else.

Sharawadji Effect - A creation by Michel Risse for La Strada Festival 2011

Published the 29/07/2011

From July 29th until August 6th, during 9 days and 9 nights, the composer Michel Risse and the Décor Sonore company transform 43 lampposts of Jakominiplatz into an invisible garden of 43 sound flowers in perpetual hatching. Almost imperceptible drift, meetings without appointment, with dancing passers-by, connections between the soundscape, the bodies and the signalling system.

Les Collections du Don du Son in Paris for the festival Et20l’été

Published the 23/06/2011

The team from "Don du Son" settles in the town hall's forceourt of the 20th district in Paris, on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June 2011, to show you the exceptional collection of objects and sound testimonies.

Le Balancier by la Tribu-Collectif Poussière, with The Sound Factory, for “le festival de l’OH!”

Published the 18/06/2011

La Tribu-Collectif Poussière shows "Le Balancier", inspired by Guillevic's poem "Elégie" for the festival de l'OH! on saturday 18th June and sunday 19th June.

Urbaphonix residence in Paris with 2r2c from June 6th until 10th

Published the 06/06/2011

Urbaphonix in résidence in Paris with Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque from Monday 6th June until Saturday 10th June.

Michel Risse at the Higher National School of Architecture of Paris La Villette

Published the 20/05/2011

"How the city sounds", by Michel Risse.

Urbaphonix in residence at La Paperie (France) from May 16th until 22nd

Published the 16/05/2011

Michel Risse's new creation is in residence at La Paperie, National Center of Street Arts in St Barthélemy d'Anjou (France), from May 16th until 22nd.

2011 : Black pavilion

Published the 26/04/2011

This year, more than ever before, to listen is to create, to create is to resist.
Resist all kinds of formatting, leave old habits behind us, discard any form of mass culture and academicism, weigh anchors, sail to the open sea, conquer new territories by storm.
Let us open the hatches, and prick up the black pavilion of a mutinear !

Urbaphonix residence in a CCAS center from April 23rd until 30th

Published the 23/04/2011

The team Urbaphonix is in residence in a CCAS center in Chinon (France) from April 23rd until 30th.

Urbaphonix in résidence at L’Abattoir (France) from March 21st until 27th

Published the 21/03/2011

The Urbaphonix artists is in residence at L'Abattoir, National Center of Street Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône from March 21st until 27th.

Decor Sonore in Venice : Primo Piano

Published the 28/02/2011

On February 2nd 2011, Décor Sonore is in Venice for the creation in situ Instrument|Monument : Primo Piano.

Les Collections du Don du Son on tour

Published the 24/02/2011

Les Collections du Don du Son (The Sound Donation Organization's Collections) is on tour from March 7th until 12nd in France, and invite you to listen to the exceptional collection of objects and sound testimonies, collected by the Sound Donation Organization in 2006.

Michel Risse in residence with Les Commandos Percu for their new creation « Destruction ! »

Published the 07/02/2011

As part of the Fabrique Sonore, Michel Risse takes part in the residence of creation at l’Abattoir (National centre of street arts in Chalon-sur-Saône) for the Commandos Percu’s new creation : « Destruction ! », from February 7th until 11st.

First residence for Urbaphonix at Moulin Fondu

Published the 10/01/2011

The team Urbaphonix is in residence at Moulin Fondu, National Center of Street Arts in Noisy-Le-Sec from January 10th until 15th.

Annibal et ses éléphants in residence at the Fabrique Sonore for their creation The Wild Witness

Published the 03/01/2011

The Fabrique Sonore welcomes Annibal et ses elephants in the Decor Sonore’ studio to piece together again The Wild Witness movie’s original soundtrack !

A new Decor Sonore creation in 2011

Published the 01/01/2011

This year, the Decor Sonore team works on their new creation, which will be released at the begining of 2012 : URBAPHONIX!

WaveFronts ::: Instrument|Monument

Published the 01/09/2010

Instrument|Monument in Bat-Yam International Street Arts festival

September 26th, 27th and 28th 2010
7pm and 9pm
Instrument : Mercure Hotel, Bat-Yam, Israël

The event is part of the Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbanism.

Welcome to the new Décor Sonore website

Published the 21/07/2010

::: The new Décor Sonore website online!

After 10 years of collaboration, we are grateful to Le Fourneau's generous hosting of Décor Sonore former website. You can still have access to it on Le Fourneau website.

We are now happy to share images and sounds of our artistic experiences, our researches and collaborations, on our brand-new bilingual website.

::: Our Summer calendar

. 2 INSTRUMENT|MONUMENT in situ creations : in Trieben, Austria, where we performed ANSTIMMEN, for the opnening of Regional10 festival and at Bat-Yam Festival (Israël) from the September 19th to September 28th

. The O.R.E.I. researchers team exploring : Bar-le-Duc (festival RenaissanceS), Cergy-Pontoise (festival Cergy Soit!, together with the Scène Nationale de l'Apostrophe) and Hennebont battlements (with Trio...S-Hennebont / Inzinzac-Lochrist)

. Collections du Don du Son (The Sound Donation Organization's Collections) touring in France from the 11th to the 23th of july

. The Fabrique Sonore (Sound Factory) will support the new creation of the Française de Comptage at the Aurillac Festival : Une Cerise Noire

. A new creation in progress, coming out in 2011 : URBAPHONIX...