Décor Sonore

Rumors on Manhattan

Published the 02/05/2022

> Sound diary of our NYC residency

> May 2 - 22

> With Villa Albertine, NYC

International residency: gardening New York City’s soundscape

Published the 28/10/2021

> Michel Risse is invited to New York City by Villa Albertine, a new French institution for arts and ideas in the USA
> Pre-visit in November 2021
> Residency in May 2022

UNHEARD LANDSCAPES - International Symposium in Blois

Published the 27/10/2021

> Organized by FKL, CRESSON and the School of Nature and Lanscape in Blois
> October 27th - 30th 2021
> Michel Risse will be presenting THE CLOUDSPEAKERS


Published the 20/05/2021

> SPOT Festival
> July 8 & 9 2021
> Watch the pictures of the performances!
> With Arts Printing House, Vilnius


Published the 08/02/2021

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, THE CLOUDSPEAKERS (Le Son qui vient du Ciel) premiered in October 2020.

> Presentation video