Décor Sonore

Sorry for the silence

Published the 10/02/2021

Usually, we apologize for the noise (when we're polite) – except during celebrations (when everybody gets together to make noise).

The Great Lockdown of 2020 revealed to the entire World a soundscape never heard before. As if the everlasting surge of the major noise had receded, uncovering a vast beach of minor, rare, forgotten sounds. And everywhere on the planet amazed ears got together in a collective listening transformed by the shutdown of the machines. Then the machines started again. But the artists did not, or hardly.

So, sorry for the silence.

But again this year, we will do everything to thwart the restrictions and play silences made more beautiful by the most beautiful noises!

Catch our performances

Published the 10/02/2021

In 2021, Décor Sonore will be performing in France and Europe. 

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THE CLOUDSPEAKERS (Le Son qui vient du Ciel) is out!

Published the 08/02/2021

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, THE CLOUDSPEAKERS (Le Son qui vient du Ciel) premiered in October 2020!

THE KALEIDOPHONES in Marseille and Paris

Published the 10/10/2020

In 2020, THE KALEIDOPHONES were presented in Marseille in September and at Paris 'Nuit Blanche' in October.

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COAL WAVE (Instrument|Monument)

Published the 02/09/2019

Watch the pictures of the monumental site-specific production COAL WAVE (June 2019, Oignies, North of France).

> Photo album

> More about our program INSTRUMENT|MONUMENT