Décor Sonore


Décor Sonore was founded in 1985 by two multi-talented musicians : Michel Risse and Pierre Sauvageot were then doing experiments on electronic instruments, early computers and samplers, as well as on raw acoustic materials snatched from daily life.

Numerous spectaculars and musical creations were produced in this first studio. Especially memorable is Ballet mécanique (1989), an Opera for machines and mobile sound sources (placed on 2 trains, 3 helicopters, 4 caterpillars, 2 cranes, 1 big wheel, 9 actors…). In 1992, Grand Mix gathered a symphony orchestra, Les tambours du Bronx industrial percussions group, the Trakia Bulgarian voices and instruments ensemble, the jazz musician Antoine Hervé on keyboards and the pyrotechnic percussions and lights of Jean-Marie Chesnais. The 8-channel loudspeaker-men of Des Corps Sonores were designed in 1994, and led to a new project together with the street theatre company Oposito : Le Cinématophone, a genuine « electrolyrical » marching band show, which is still touring the world (Europe, Canada, South Africa…).
Since 1998, La Petite Bande Passante, an eight singers « urban megaphonic choir », has mixed the soundscape of the city with polyphonic voices in mobile concerts through the streets of France, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland.
Conventionned since 1999 by the Ministry of Culture, Decor Sonore has carried on with new productions (Instrument|Monument, Le Don du Son and its Collections, Les Monstrations Inouïes !, Les Chantiers de l’O.R.E.I...) under the artistic direction of Michel Risse.