Décor Sonore

The Team

MICHEL RISSE - artistic direction
Michel Risse, multi-instrumentalist, electric-acoustic musician, composer and artistic director of Décor Sonore, sees the city as a place of invention for these sound compositions. Nourished by the tones, resonances and harmonies of natural or industrial elements that make up our daily urban life, he proposes an original way of hearing the world. These unique productions offer a new perception of our sound environment and reinvent our relationship to music.
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RENAUD BIRI - technical direction
Sound manager and technician, Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, and author of several role-playing games, Renaud Biri became part of the Décor Sonore team in 1995 as a conscious objector!  Since finishing his civil service and obtaining a Sound Arts and Techniques  diploma, he has been one of the principle, essential actors of the operations led by Décor Sonore.

MACHA BELGUERMI - administration & production
With a Diploma of Cultural Engineering, Macha arrived at Décor Sonore in April 2014 as production administrator. Previously, she had worked in the field of music and street theater.

ANNE ROUCHOUSE - communication & distribution
Graduate of the ESTRI (Ecole Supérieure de Traduction et Relations Internationales in Lyon) in Foreign Languages and Communication, Anne arrived in the company in November 2013, after working for the French Institute of Madrid and the 1001 Notes classical music festival.