Décor Sonore

Les Monstrations Inouïes

Composition and artistic direction : Michel Risse

The Monstrations never heard of before
Between a concert-conference, cabinet of curiosities, museographic installation and  fairground in and out stands “Les Monstrations Inouïes !” stage and play the most astonishing instruments in the history of the electronic music, since its beginnings.

“These are true stories. They may be parables, but they only mean what they mean because they are true.” Paul Auster.

Theremin's Aetherophone, Gray's Harmonic Telegraph, Cahill's Telharmonium, Martenot's radio-electric waves and the many other extraordinary inventions which followed these visionary instruments are brought together on stage for the first time in a single, completely original musical creation.   Certain instruments have been restored while others have been completely reconstituted from documents of the time. This is the case of Gray's Bathtub ( 1874 ) in particular, the very first instrument which was a complete departure from instrumental acoustics, and would give birth to the harmonious telegraph and finally to the telephone.

In this fairground science or cabinet of curiosities atmosphere, on authentic historic instruments, the public discovers the another way of looking at the notion of "Electronic Music " and takes part in the most extravagant orchestra ever presented !


photo: Jean-Jean Crance photo: Vincent Muteau photo: Vincent Muteau photo: Jean-Jean Crance photo: Vincent Muteau photo: Vincent Muteau photo: Jean-Jean Crance


Michel Risse

analogical sculptures-instruments
made by Peter Keene.

instrument private collections
Klaus Blasquiz / Musélec.

stage and sound management
Renaud Biri

light and set design
Jean Grison

archéo-électronical lute-making
Jonathan McIntosh

Joe Baracuda

Nicolas Tauveron et Jean Grison

with the artistic and technical collaboration of Laurent Dailleau, and the musical participation of Bertrand Auger, Jean-Philippe Dartois and  – among others – Pierre Sauvageot, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Pierre Vellones…


Coproduction :
Décor Sonore
Chaos Contemporain
Le Moulin Fondu

with the help of :
l’ADAMI, de la SACEM et de la région Aquitaine

and the support of :
Chalon dans la Rue.


The cabinets of curiosities…

Born in the mid 18th century, cabinets of curiosities are places where "experimental science" and lounge sociability are married; they are the theatre of trials, demonstrations and teaching.

A little history…

The history of electronic musical instruments and that of their inventors starts in 1874! For “Monstrations Inouïes!" Décor Sonore has you relive the experience of the first electronic sound ever heard by the human ear!