Décor Sonore

The Paleophonic Work Site

The work site is composed of several research modules, each one is introduced and led by a guide. The type and the number of modules can vary depending on their relevance to the specific site.

The visited sites and objects are chosen according to:
. their accessibility and ability to welcome the public
. their scenographic qualities
. their dramaturgical and memorial qualities
. their acoustical qualities

Construction site elements (construction, barriers, tools, signage) can be integrated into the scenography and serve as show props, on the same level as patrimonial objects. These paths and sound installations are staged and lit using simple localized procedures. The scenography draws completely from the decor and natural elements. It essentially consists in a special signage, marking, and tagging of the path, clearly identifiable by the laboratory's logo and the colours, which appear on the guides' badges, costumes, and flag and gear, etc. The installation of the work site will spontaneously arouse the public's curiosity, who will pass on the rumour and will be given the chance to contribute in documenting the local history.

O.R.E.I. is a contextual and progressive project. The installation on site, before the visits, is part of a creation residence, conducive for spreading rumours and for meeting local contacts and partners (members of the public, journalists, historians, archaeologists.) from the population. This installation goes on for 3 days with 5 people, before the first presentation.