Décor Sonore

Les Boites à Musiques

A creation by Pierre Sauvageot

Music boxes
Minimalist show for a Gourmand Diva-ette and Volacanic Josephine.


One by one, like confession, the spectators are devoured by the mezzo-soprano, the queen of a miniature theatre. Under her red curtain headdress, her tiara is a chandelier and her chest is the stage. Singing the unabridged version of Pierre Louys's erotic poems with a crazy flair, she is alternately bewitching, hot-tempered, weary, loving, and dying... She changes like lightning. Behind, we get impatient, and after one minute, expelled, we leave promising to reveal nothing, with the awareness that we were one of the chosen few...

Will Flea, aka Dora Lou, aka Madame Lucie, aka Annick Hémon, find a new nickname, since this character bringing together a small size, the love of the operatic voice and street show fascination seems to have been custom made for her?

“Go look under girls' skirts,” Alain Souchon sings. Joséphine wears a wig, an enormous hat; she is powdered with talc, and wears a long crinoline dress, with a plunging neckline.  She has a proud stature, and not a word leaves her mouth. The spectators kneel down prostrating themselves before our Josephine, who, Beauharnais on the outside, reveals more of a Baker on the inside. In the middle of a kaleidoscopic jungle,  the legs and feet of our character launch into a dreadful saraband dance. The choreographic exploit is striking, between the static posture above and the volcanic movement below.
Only a West Indian fuelled by entrechats and by the Charleston, a regular of outdoor choreographic creations or of the "Gueules de Piaf"  (The Faces of Piaf), a lover of violent physical contrasts, only Jany Jérémie could be this Josephine.