Décor Sonore

Le Cinématophone

co-production with the Oposito company

An electro-lyrical marching band for a Diva and eight “Sound Bodies”, spectacular, electro-acoustical and musical procession.

Ten years of theatre, festivities and urban events for Oposito and ten years of spectacular and musical creation for Décor Sonore. Two paths, crossing for the first at the festival "Rencontres d'ici et d'ailleurs" then at the grand finale of "Eclanova," finally converge for the only  creation of its kind in the world: Cinématophone, an  electro-lyric opera-marching band.

Half flesh, half loudspeakers, eight characters create surprising sound images in open space. Are these hybrids the accidents of the monstrous coupling between a record player and a woman, this diva who, in the lead, seems to be making them replay sound pieces from her memory, her dreams, her fantasies? Or is she simply the conductor of a disordered, disturbed marching band, survivors from a vanished universe performing film episodes of her life?

After being put into costume, made-up, and equipped and after the initial connection to the synchronization remote control, the 8 characters and the Diva have a total autonomy of about 3 hours. Thanks to the exclusive “Sound Bodies” process, all the characters have  complete mobility (no thread, not even HF transmission), broadcast 8  synchronized digital tracks with spectacular sound power and  precision, and can dance, parade, scatter, mingle with the public, surround them, and adapt and play with the natural acoustics and scenography of the site.



authors : Jean-Raymond Jacob, Enrique Jimenez
composers : Pierre Sauvageot, Michel Risse


Productions :
Décor Sonore