Décor Sonore

Grand Mix

The dream of the Grand Mix was to bring together artists who never would have met otherwise in a true, deep, human and explosive meeting : the philharmonic orchestra of Pays de la Loire, the Bulgarian voices of the Trakia ensemble and the Tambours du Bronx.

The reason for their presence here could be reduced to the geographical distances which separated them, or to an attractive exoticism, suggestive of lost colonies and explorers' narratives. And yet, between the classic magnificence of the philharmonic orchestra of Pays de la Loire, the age-old tradition of the Bulgarian virtuosos of the Trakia ensemble and the powerful metallurgical rite of the Tambours du Bronx, at our doors, there are worlds of cultures and languages which seem inaccessible and are just waiting to be known.
Based on patient work with all the performers, the colossal score of the composers Michel Risse and Pierre Sauvageot, opened as a vast land of welcoming, exchange and discovery. This was a discovery for the artists, but also for thousands of people who were able to attend, on May 29th and 30th, 1992, this exceptional creation commissioned by the city of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire for its fourth festival.
More than a crazy scenic device, more than a gigantic show and even the pyrotechnics which appeared on the score, and were led by the conductor (!), it was the emotion of a profoundly human experience that the public felt during the concert.