Décor Sonore

Les Collections du Don du Son

Composition and artistic direction : Michel Risse

The Sound Donation Organization's Collections
In 2006 was created the "Don du Son" (the Sound Donation Organization), a non-governmental organization supported by the European Ministry for the Sound  Environment, whose goal was to contribute to the sharing and the improvement of the sound environment, by appealing to the generosity of the population in order to establish a large Sound Bank. Today, "Les Collections du Don du Son" (the Sound Donation Organization's Collections) invite you to discover this vast variety of collected objects and sound testimonies.

During the national Don du Son Drive 2006, the itinerant branch was able to collect 300 objects and sound testimonies in about twenty cities. Today, it is this invaluable collection which we invite you to visit.By small groups, our guides will accompany you during your entire visit and, thanks to a fairly unique type of helmet, they will reveal the domestic and urban symphony of these little nothings which accompany us, these objects whose sound wealth we ignore so often.

Personal, domestic or professional objects, family memories, abandoned, intrusive or endangered sounds... all will move you through their unsuspected wealth, through their hidden musicality, through the relationship that they had with their donors. From a  (new) garbage bag,  to a (used) 2CV Citroën, to an aspirin tab, to the dog's bowl : it's a touching inventory, our company's sound observatory, a veritable Sound Bank.

But our guides won't stop at just showing you these collections :  they will also have you discover and soak in and discover acoustic curiosities and the most unusual musical resources of your neighbourhood and - who knows? Some of them may speak to you...



Michel Risse
Renaud Biri
Didier Couchi