Décor Sonore

Allegro Barbaro

A creation by Pierre Sauvageot co-directed by Denis Cabacho, Christophe Costabel, Raphaël Imbert, Jany Jérémie and Michel Risse, and with 80 amateur musicians from Marseille

Accordions and horns, saxophones, jugs, trombones and megaphones, guitars and firecrackers, trumpets, mopeds and amps on wheels...played by a hundred musicians to reveal a city music in the city.

The "Symphonic" Orchestra of the City brings together around one hundred amateur Marseille musicians equipped with all the instruments and objects which weave the city's sound set: accordions and horns, saxophones, jugs, trombones and megaphones, guitars and firecrackers, trumpets, mopeds and amps on wheels... from where a music of the city emerges within the city, a moving, playful, surprising music reflecting the extraordinary urban jumble.

Led by five conductors who reinvent the score through their sign language, it goes through the city making the squares, wastelands, or markets resound. Its playful and innovative repertory targets a public which rarely goes to concert halls.

For a composer, writing the notes is the easiest part. The creation, in Allegro Barbaro, is based on a considerable work on the context: what sort of work on sound space does the concert place propose, which orchestra will join us in shared piece "to taste" our musical City language, which urban sounds can be integrated into the score (boat or fire brigades sirens, the stream of a bottle container emptying into a truck, the continuous sound of the municipal street sweeping trucks, the chiming of the nearby bell tower)?

Conceiving sound or musical creations in an urban context completely modifies the initial signification of any artistic production: the relationship with sound or its public.

Transforming curious onlookers into demanding auditors, having them listen to the wealth of the sounds which surround us and even assault us, meeting a public who has never heard (and never even heard of) Pierre Boulez or Michel Portal, are challenges which seem to us far more generous, constructive and responsible than sliding into the small world of contemporary creation.


creation : Pierre Sauvageot
co-directed by Denis Cabacho,Christophe Costabel, Raphaël Imbert and Jany Jérémie
with the participation the Michel Risse and 80 amateur musicians from Marseille


Coproduction :
Décor Sonore
Allegro Barbaro
Lieux Publics

With the support of :
Ministère de la Culture (DRAC PACA)
la Mission-Ville, du Département des Bouches-du Rhône
la Région PACA
la Ville de Marseille