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Urbaphonix - French tour in CCAS centers

Published the 13/02/2012

Urbaphonix on tour in CCAS centers - Organism for the social activities of the electricity and gaz industry staff - from February 17th until 23rd, 2012.

Urbaphonix is a five characters mobile crew, which cuts live in the soundscape. They exemplify the mutation in sound and music artistry since the advent of electronics : half-technicians, half-musicians, they perform with technology and sounds they encounter, faithfully following John Cage’s advice: “If a sound disturbsyou, listen to it”.

No turntables, no synthesizers, they compose only from what is already there and that nobody listens to : mechanical and motoring noises, air conditioning drones, human sounds and, above all, street furniture and buildings, instrument, stage and accessories of that instant theatre. Their mobile sound system allows them to unexpectedly pop up and compose a multiple scenes round across the city.

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