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Urbaphonix - Chalon dans la Rue Festival

Published the 10/07/2012

Decor Sonore invites you to discover its brand-new creation, during "Chalon dans la rue" festival [official programming] from July 19th until 22nd.

A city's soundscape is an inexhaustible source of musical and poetic inspirations.
Urbaphonix listens to it, plays with it and invites you to share it during 8 live urban performances:

Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July
2 urban performances per day : at 9am and at 3pm
Starting point : corner of Gloriette street/Pasteur street
Duration : 45min - No booking


URBAPHONIX - Creation 2012
Quintet mobile de musique concrète

Without a word, all of a sudden, a moving five-person crew enters into the soundscape. These explorers play, live and on-site, with the technology, sounds, objects, and people they encounter.
Sorts of “Street-Jockeys,” without turntables or synthesizers, the musicians of Urbaphonix listen to their sonic surroundings and compose using only what is already all around us but what no one listens to: the mechanical sounds of traffic, the hums of heating ducts and air conditioning vents, bodies, conversations, and, especially, urban furnishings, which serve both as the stage and as a limitless source of instruments for this instant theater.
Disciples of Luigi Russolo, Pierre Schaeffer and Murray Schafer, they faithfully apply John Cage’s advice: “If a sound disturbs you, listen to it!”

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Chalon dans la rue Festival

Illustration : Michel Lagarde