Décor Sonore

THE KALEIDOPHONES in Buding (East of France)

Published the 13/08/2021

> September 11th and 12th
> Festival Moselle Ecologie
> Only 30 minutes from the German and Luxembourgish borders

A collection of giant sculptures set up in the open air, raising public awareness of the soundscape. 

THE KALEIDOPHONES invite to a poetic listening of the city, of nature, and of the whole world in-between.

In September 2021, during Festival Moselle Ecologie, THE KALEIDOPHONES will be set up in the very green Buding Mill Park, close to the German and Luxembourgish borders.

September 11th and 12th, from 1 PM to 6 PM (last entrance at 5 PM). Free, no reservation required.

Entrance by groups of 10 people every 15 minutes. 


The performance is in French. If you need a tour in English, please let us know prior to your coming: contact