Décor Sonore

International residency: gardening New York City’s soundscape

Published the 28/10/2021

> Michel Risse is invited to New York City by Villa Albertine, a new French institution for arts and ideas in the USA
> Pre-visit in November 2021
> Residency in April 2022

Décor Sonore is part of Villa Albertine's inaugural season!

Reinventig artists' residencies, Villa Albertine is creating a new network for arts and ideas spanning France and the United States. It offers tailor-made residencies for global creators, thinkers and cultural professionals. Villa Albertine will be hosting 60 residencies a year, in 10 cities accross the USA.

In April 2022, Michel Risse and Décor Sonore will explore New York City's soundscape and dialogue with it according to "The Cloudspeakers" principles. Two vital, precious ingredients in The Cloudspeakers (Le Son qui vient du Ciel) can fortunately be found everywhere in NYC: noise and skyscrapers...

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